The world is an international marketplace.  Our flagship product goes global with multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities available on demand.

Gulf Opportunity Zone Act of 2005

Summary of 'G.O. Zone' Incentives


Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Recovery

Apprime Business Management System - Enterprise

1 database / 10 Concurrent Users *

Retail: $24,900  (U.S.)

Additional License: $250/concurrent user **


Terminal Services  Hosted Solution

Small businesses with as few as two users can benefit from the strengths of a full system.  Pricing begins as low as $125 per user per month (minimum $250/month).  Setup, Training and Customization billed separately.



* Note: We license by database and user count - not by location.  These users can be in one location or in 10 different countries.

** Yes, if you have 12 users and only 10 are online at any given time, you need 10 licenses - not 12.


What additional costs can you expect to spend on data migration, installation and  training?

There is no way to adequately predict these costs without an onsite assessment.  However, as a 'rule of thumb', you should expect to spend approximately $1 to $2 for installation, data migration, minor customization and training for every dollar spent on software.  (i.e., the costs for data migration, installation and training would be increased for a larger system.   Also, each potential  user generally represents additional amounts of data that will need to be migrated.) Please note that customizations are only limited by imagination and budget.



World Software Development's unique system of business management supports exports of  reports in multiple formats and can be sent via email or fax and can be printed in .pdf, imported into all Microsoft applications and databases.


World Software Development


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