The world is an international marketplace.  Our flagship product goes global with multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities available on demand.

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Company Profile

World Software Development is an innovator in business management software.
Our network of certified reseller/developers is constantly expanding.
We provide multi-lingual and multi-currency functionality in our products.
Our Chief Technical Officer, Lawrence Hicks has trained many Fortune 500 Company developers.


Lawrence Hicks, Chief Technical Officer


Lawrence Hicks, Chief Technical Officer earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi.  His course of study included significant emphasis in accounting, marketing, finance, management and software design.  While attending the University of Alabama, he studied computer programming and database design.   In 1996, Lawrence Hicks founded Net-WERX.com, Inc., a Mississippi Corporation which grew into an international business consulting firm.  Net-werx offered a broad range of services that together could achieve optimum efficiency for it's clients. In addition to Software Development and Customization, Hicks' skills included Database Design and Data Conversion. 

While the original focus of the company was to offer computer hardware and software service and installation, that changed in 1997 when he began working with customizable accounting software.  After reviewing the product, he installed it for a client and soon began customizing the software for other clients.  His primary focus during the next four years was integrating packages into business systems across the country.  As one of the top five developers for this product in the world, Lawrence Hicks became experienced in designing information systems for mid-size businesses around the country.  He implemented many conversions and continued to customize the software for his clients. 

While presenting at several Partner Conferences, Hicks was approached repeatedly by developers who were interested in gaining some additional training in on the package.  As a result, Net-WERX began offering training to developers at conferences throughout the year.    

In July of 2001, Mr. Hicks formed his own company, World Software Development, and immediately began designing what would become a world-class accounting system.   Since that time, the company's flagship product, 'Apprime', has grown into a complete business management system, covering all aspects of business management "from first handshake to final balance sheet".

Mr. Hicks continues to work as an independent business consultant as a means to use the many strengths gained during the past decade, including software and database design and network operations.  His communications and marketing skills enable him to gather input from virtually every level of personnel, whether they are technical, secretarial, clerical, managerial, administrative or in operations.  All information is gathered and assimilated first-hand so that when a new system has been designed, it works for everyone, creating optimum efficiency for the employees and for the company. 




World Software Development's unique system of business management supports exports of  reports in multiple formats and can be sent via email or fax and can be printed in .pdf, imported into all Microsoft applications and databases.


World Software Development


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